PBC Taking Charge

Roya, Monday, and Tahirah Face Their First Challenge of the journey through this forest.  We're all so happy to see new friendships being built.  

Beginning of the Humboldt State Park Hike

Students and chaperones were thrilled when we all walked  this 3 mile trail together.  There were some reports of wildlife but overall, tons of life long memories together.  This trip really helped us build character to prepare for the trip to Cambodia and Vietnam this upcoming spring.

Humboldt State Park (Visitor Center)

Ms. T broke down the history of Redwoods.  Going to the visitor center was almost like going to the museum, it was filled with tons of useful information.  Students were engaged and eager to see the stuffed mountain lions, bears, hawks and other wildlife that were in the exhibits.  This place is a must go!!

Good Old Fashion Game of Watermelon

One of the best moments of our retreat to Humboldt State Park was enjoying a good old fashion game of  watermelon.  Students and chaperones were fully engaged.   Great times!!

Watermelon Instructions

Ms. T explains the rules of Watermelon.   This game ended with Alexa, Angela and Mr. Rabe competing against each other in the championship. We were all filled with emotion and anxiety at the start of the game. 

Mayoral Candidates of Oakland (Castlemont High School)

PBC hosted Oakland's Mayoral Candidates.  Students felt like advocates as they developed and asked critical questions for each candidate. Also, students teamed up with the League of Women's Voters to get people registered to vote.

Cancer Awarness Circles

Our cancer walk event of 2018 was one we'll never forget.  Students walked together and educated each other and their families about this deadly disease.