Exploring Vietnam (2019)

The Cu Chi Tunnels


Just one hour outside of Ho Chi Minh students were able to relive the Vietnam War through the stories of the locals.  They were blown away when they walked and crawled the tunnels that soldiers, parents and children used during the Vietnam War.  For many this experience was surreal.

Vietnam War Remnants Musuem


The Vietnam War Remnants Museum was one of the most fascinating sites that we've seen because it explained the history of the Vietnam War from a side students and teachers had yet to hear and see.  This  4 floor museum was loaded with amazing art, videos, artifacts, weaponry, and even US fighter jets that were taken from the US military.  Students left the museum having a real sense and understanding of how  this war impacted Vietnam and the United States. 

Island Hopping Nha Trang


Island hopping was one of the best things we could've done because it allowed our students to really open up with each other and experience water activities, feeding animals, amazing island style Vietnamese cuisine, and their final bit of relaxation before returning to the United States.