Pacific Bridge Club


Mission Statement

Pacific Bridge Club 

PBC's mission is to use community events, culture building, and traveling as avenues for developing and supporting 9th-12th grade students of East Oakland.

We want our youth to have a foreign experience of traveling to developing countries so that they can return with a different outlook on life to improve their lives in our community. 

"I want to help our youth transition from teens to adults by developing their outlook on life through amazing life changing experiences and fun action pact adventures both domestically and abroad." -- Jonathan Guy


Founder/President of PBC

In 2001, Jonathan Guy moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to San Francisco Bay Area to play college baseball.  By 2004, Guy went on his first foreign trip to Japan and from that day forward his whole perspective on life had changed.  Guy got his motivation to travel from his parents, brother, best friend, and Malcolm X.  

By 2009, Guy moved to China where he impacted his community by working with students from all walks of life.  During his time abroad, Guy grew and realized that he wanted to introduce this idea to teens all over inner cities.  

Guy believed if teens could make moves across an ocean, they'd make strides throughout the journey of life. When Guy started working at Castlemont High School 4 years ago, he told his principal that his goal at Castlemont was to transform lives through curriculum and traveling.  This past April, PBC went on its first trip ever to China.  "Traveling is its own education in itself."--Jonathan Guy 


PBC Chaperones of 2019

Jonathan Guy (Founder/President/ Educator)

Steven Reaves (Drama Club)

Paul Rabe (Educational Specialist)

Jennifer Early (College Advisor)

Celetta Hunter (English Teacher)

Michael Scott (Principal)

Tiasha Spear (Educator)

Nathan Burks (Computer Graphics)

Tatiana Fuaau (Restorative Justice)


PBC's Starting Team for 2019

1 Rufino (Lead Captain, Senior)

2 Saroya (Lead Captain, Senior)

3 Angela (Lead Captain, Senior)

4 Israel (Lead Captain, Senior)

5 JP (Captain, Senior)

6 Kisha (Captain Senior)

7 Jimmy (Captain, Junior)

8 Cristina (Captain, Senior)

9 Tanya  (Senior)

10 Alexandra (Senior)

11 Tahirah (Senior)

12 Moya (Senior)

13 Jose (Senior)

14 Jerry (Senior)

15 Eric (Senior)

16 Ariana (Senior)

17 Manuel (Senior)

18 Moon (Senior)

19 Monday (Senior)

20 Amy (Senior)

21 Isaiah (Junior)

22 Elijah (Sophomore)

23 Jisselle (Sophomore)

24 Marlene (Sophomore)

25 Clarissa (Sophomore)

26 Jairliyn (Sophomore)

27 Jorge (Sophomore)

28 Charlie (Sophomore)

29 Maria (Sophomore)

30 Natalie (Sophomore)

31 Alexa (Sophomore)

32 Alejandra (Sophomore)


PBC Chaperones of 2018

Chaperones Front to Back

Michael Scott (Principal)

Francisco Navarro (Restorative Justice)

Traivon Soto Johnson (Physical Education)

Joseph Blasher (Curriculum Designer)

Nathan Burks (Computer Graphics)

Jonathan Guy (PBC Founder/President/Economics/Government/History)



Vearak Motholoch (Senior Captain)

Andres McDade (Senior Captain)

John Paul Dela Cirna (Captain)

Rufino Sanchez (Captain)

Jimmy Martinez (Captain)

Jairik Encarnacion  (Senior)

Jordan Ray (Senior)

Demond Turnage (Senior)

Romeo Pittman (Senior)

Julio Sanchez (Senior)

Roy Munoz (Senior)

Steve Wilson (Senior)

John Twinn (Senior)

Sergio Marin (Junior)

Aaron Andion Pryor (Senior)

Keyson Williams (Senior)

Reflecting on PBC

This trip meant so much to all of us but to Mr. Soto, he loved it so much he made a song out of it.  We love you Trey from LA and we appreciate all that you done.

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