China Trip of 2018

Xian (First City of the Journey)

Xian was amazing!  We saw the Terracotta Soldiers, City Wall, and the Muslim Quarter.

In Xian, we visited the Terracotta Soldiers, the City Wall and the Muslim Quarter.  Students shopped and engaged with the community but the highlights of Xian was bonding and assimilating with China's forgotten cultures in the Muslim City.  Many students felt a common theme with their lives and the ones of the Muslims in China.  The kids tried lots of exotic foods, shopped the town, and walked the city unified as one right before taking the bullet train to Shanghai. 

Shanghai (2nd City of the Journey)


During our stay at Shanghai, our kids roomed at a nice hotel situated 35 minutes from the heart of the city of Shanghai.  We ate xiaolongbao, Chinese fruits, and exotic foods.  Our students walked Nanjing Lu, coasted through ZhuZhaiJiao Water City, elevated up the 2nd tallest building in the world, and cruised the Huangpu River.  It was during Shanghai that our students learned just how blessed they were to actually have a blue sky in the Bay Area.  Shanghai was full of lessons and after our experience, we took the Bullet Train to Beijing.

Beijing (Final City of the Journey)

Our very first city we visited during our journey to China was Xian.  We saw the terrracotta soldier

Beijing was incredible! The people were very hospitable and the city resembled Washington DC with so many government buildings. Our kids loved eating delicacies like Beijing Roast Duck and deep fried scorpions. During our bond, we visited the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Jiang'An Temple, Mao Zedong Mausoleum, Houhai Lake Area, and Gui Jie food district.  We biked, caught taxis, took subways, ran through the city during early morning workouts and charter bused our way through Beijing's population of 22 million people all before returning back to America.  

Da Dong Restaurant in Beijing

This was an amazing experience.  Our students participated in a scavenger hunt competition throughout Bejiing.  After competing and witnessing Beijing's landmarks, we finished the night up with an amazing taste of Beijing's crispy road duck.  

Tiananmen Square to Forbidden City

This was one of the most empowering experiences we shared.  PBC memebers united and we felt  the energy hit us as we walked through the Forbidden City.  Great times for all of us.  This experience would've never happened had it not been for donors and sponsorships.  We thank you for all that you do.

The Great Wall

This was the one place that took my breath away.  Four years  thinking about bringing our students to the Great Wall and it finally happened.  We appreciate all of you for your support. 

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